You play so expressively, it takes my breath away”


To keep his busy six year old hands on something constructive, Bryan's parents started him on an old black Francis Bacon upright. The hope was there would be no more clocks dismantled, their parts strung out in a neat row; no more puncture holes in neat rows on leather phone chairs; no more unscrewing of bottom table bolts that cause the table to collapse when mommy and auntie had coffee or tea. This affinity to learn how things ticked was the key to spiraling up the piano ladder.From twelve on Bryan was performing his own compositions at the yearly recitals. From sixteen on he was teaching piano. Performing at both The Cornish College of the Arts and Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland Washington,he went on to playing a slew of weddings, restaurants and entertainment venues, along the way developing his own unique expressive style of cocktail piano. With more than thirty years experience and a repertoire of over 1200 numbers from the twenties to the present, representing the jazz standards as well as show tunes and top 40, Bryan can play to any demographic or era in between..

Press Photos

Loving my new Nord Piano 3 and Bose Model 2 PA.

A moment of musical introspection. I think I like my Nord Piano 3 about as much as the Yamaha grand.

Yes, I have numerous outfits. Are you dazzled?

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Bryan Pullman - Cocktail Pianist