Take lessons from my experience


My name is Bryan Pullman. I am versed in several piano styles to include cocktail jazz and classical. I  provide stylistic classy piano ambiance at themed clubs, upscale restaurants and events like wedding receptions and home events. With over 1100 songs from the twenties to the present, I can you can teach to any era and age group. And whether or not you want to do the same one day, and play at clubs and weddings, etc., you can at least shine to yourself, friends and family. $20 1/2 hr lesson. $18 1/2 lesson when two or more take lessons. Call me at 801-918-6186 for details. You can also email me at bryan@someclassykeys.com or just use the Contact Page.

Attending both the Cornish Institute of the Arts in Seattle and Pacific Lutheran University, I studied not only piano but the music composition and organ as well. Sprinkled along this journey were many wedding and restaurant gigs allowing me to develop my own unique cocktail jazz style of playing.

I hope to hear from you soon.